Rashguards / Swim Shirts / Sun Shirts?

What is the difference in Sun Protective Rashguards & Swim Shirts?  Well it all comes down to fit!

Rashguards were originally designed to protect surfers from getting a rash as they paddled on their surfboards.  However, now many of our customers wear these rashguards at the pool or sitting on the beach with the added benefit/security of the UPF rating preventing sunburn. 

Swim Shirts were originally designed to fit a bit loser so if one was not surfing, they didn’t have to wear such a tight fitting top.  These shirts then evolved into being designed for children.  This gives a parent great advantages in that a child could get more use out of the UPF shirt as they grow.  Swim Shirts can also be bought to fit as a rashguard, which can also give them great type of use flexibility.  In fact, many swim shirts are called rashguards and vise versa. 

Sun Shirts are simply a regular t-shirt or oxford type shirt that are UPF certified and may or may not be water proof.  This allows those who are use to wearing such types of shirts a similar feel at the beach or pool while the also being protected.

What is Sun Protective Clothing (i.e. UV / UPF / SPF Rashguards) ?

Sun Protective Clothing and Sun Protective Swimwear are specifically designed to block the sun’s harmful UV radiation from damaging the skin (widely known as UVA/UVB/UVC rays).  Exposure to such UV radiation can not only cause sunburn, but also long lasting damage resulting in premature skin aging and/or skin cancer. To help the consumer better determine the protection a garment has, a UPF rating system has been developed. Shoppers should only consider buying a UV garment that as a UPF rating (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and moreover, from a reputable company and/or manufacturer that promotes the UPF rating system.  This ensures that they are getting only the very best protection from their UV sun protective apparel item.
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